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My garage door was basically falling apart. It was made of wood and rotting through. It was a total embarrassment. So I decided to get in contact with Garage Doors Solutions of Richmond.  I was really surprised by their quick and efficient service. They quickly installed a new garage door. It was so much better having a smooth roller system. Before, it was a nightmare getting the garage door open. Now, it is heaven. That goes for their opening system, too. Plus, having a nice, white, clean garage door at the front of the house makes the whole property look a lot better. Pushed up the value of this place no end. So I will make plenty of money from getting this new garage door!

Robert Jeter

I was really sick and tired of trying to make repairs on my garage door. I do my best but it always ends up a mess. Thank God, I found Garage Doors Solutions of Richmond.  They came out here pretty quick and got to working, straightening out those bits of twisted metal. They were able to fit the frame as pretty as can be. It made me think that I should save up a bit and get myself a new garage door from them. I run a small business, so I really need to be happy that my small truck is safe in my garage. Now I can be. They set up a new locking system. No way can you get through that.

Erica Cha

I suppose you start worrying more, as you age. My house was fine, but not my garage door.  It was not just my old car. But I keep all those precious bits and pieces that mean so much to me inside it. I had a friend tell me about Garage Doors Solutions of Richmond, and the very good job they did for her. So I had a bit of money I had put aside, and asked them to fix me a new garage door. They came round very quickly. All their technicians were polite and very professional.  The door was up and running in no time. Very easy to operate, even for an old lady like me.  It was so secure! No more worries about break-ins.

Dawn Thomas

I have a very busy life working 24/7 as a salesman. I have a good Ford, my wife has a small Honda while my teenage son has a classic old VW Beetle. Plus my two young daughters love riding their bikes. So the double garage door were going up and down all the time.  The old garage door has started to give up the ghost. It was jamming up and starting to work loose.  Luckily for me, a friend knew about Garage Doors Solutions of Richmond. In no time, they came round and set up a new, smooth running garage door.  They will always be there for maintenance.  But I don’t see that as being a problem as this door is of very good quality.

Thomas Davis

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