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Frequently Asked Questions

Do your technicians only make repairs when they are called?

We are always on the alert when customers call us for repairing damage on their garage doors. But our repair visits are not only limited to repairing damages. They also include conducting full inspection on the garage doors as well, from the rollers, batteries, even up to the wirings. This is to ensure not only the product’s good condition but it is also for your safety and convenience.

What are the available hours to call for garage door repair?

Anytime! We do business 24/7 and we are a company that isn’t bound to just a 9am-5pm working schedule. Attending to your urgent repair needs is valuable to us. Don’t hesitate to call us if you need our services even on an early morning, an afternoon at work, or even late at night.  We are always on the go!

What am I supposed to do with a faulty garage door cable?

When your garage door cable breaks, just give us a call. It may cause too much hassle so you might think of fixing it on your own. Nevertheless, one call from you and our service technicians will come right to your ­­aid.  They will inspect your garage door cables so that they could determine the course of action to take.

¬¬Can I perform troubleshooting first before I call for help?

Yes. If your garage door won’t open, try this basic troubleshooting first: check the batteries first. Maybe the controller, which is used to open the door just doesn’t have enough batteries. Then be sure that the unit has power, which makes your garage door functional. You should also check your opener if it is locked. There is a lock button. If you see a light flicker, try holding the button down to check if it’s the problem. Also, check if the sensors are blocked and if the wires are damaged or have been chewed on by rodents.

What parts of the garage door are commonly fixed or replaced?

These are springs, cables or wire ropes, rollers, and the entire garage door opening that needs to be checked by our reliable service technicians. You can’t risk doing this on your own for your own safety and to maintain the quality of your garage door.

Are all garage door openers the same or somewhat universal?

No. Garage doors are not created for universal use. Our expert and highly- skilled technicians have carefully formulated each garage door opener to fit each type of garage door.

Can we have our garage doors customized?

Yes, of course. You can choose from basic doors, to custom doors, or doors with windows, should you choose to add this feature. You can also choose the color, panels, or materials of your garage door to match your taste.

How do we choose the right technician to repair our garage door?

Your garage door services technician should be licensed. You should first meet them to make sure that you are comfortable with entrusting them to fix your garage doors.

How long will it take to repair the garage door?

We do repairs on the same day, depending on the damage of the garage doors. You won’t need to worry about the services since we are available for 24 hours.

Where do I find garage door parts?

All kinds of garage door parts such as springs, bearing plates, hinges, locks, keypads and other parts will be provided by your garage door repair company. Just contact your local experts in garage door repairs to do the job for you!

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