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Garage Door Rollers

Garage Door Rollers Service By Big Star Garage Door Repair Richmond TX

Garage Door Rollers’ wear and tear

 A modern garage door is a complex combination of different technologies. For a long period, all of these systems will work together.  There will come a time however, when a problem will occur with one of the key components.  For some reason the garage door might jam, or it might come crashing down. If you live in Richmond TX, there is help available. You can call Garage Doors Richmond TX, anytime 24/7.  Skilled technicians will get to your garage the same day. There will be no hidden charges.  This garage repair company is familiar with all the major garage door manufacturers. What can go wrong?  It is better to think of a modern garage door as being a lot like your car, and less like a simple door that is hinged to a post. There are rollers, springs, opening systems, and the garage door panels themselves.

Looking at garage door rollers in particular. They are either made of steel or plastic such as nylon. They are fixed to a hinge. They are also placed in tracking rails. The roller garage doors help to lift the door panels up and down smoothly. A number of problems can arise.  The rollers themselves will wear out and possibly get damaged in time. Steel rollers could obviously rust. The hinges that lock the rollers into place can loosen up over time. Tracking can be dented or get blocked.

Regular maintenance checks on your Garage Door Rollers

There is a lot you can do yourself. Just like an automobile, your garage door will need regular servicing. You can do your own monthly survey. This will be mainly visual, but any increase in noise might indicate a developing problem with your garage door rollers.  We offer a regular maintenance check in Richmond TX. This should be twice a year.  If you own commercial garages or your garage door is used a lot, this could be more regularly.  We can lubricate the components.  We have the right equipment to tighten up the hinges or other fittings. The tracking can be cleaned and repaired, all this time, the garage door will be properly secured and clamped to prevent it from crashing down.

We also use Original Equipment Manufactured parts (OEM).  These are the specific parts and components that are designed to be used for garage doors over a range of different garage door manufacturers. These are not only the parts that should be used; they also work out a lot cheaper than alternatives. There is a wide variety of different rollers on the market.  You may feel you can do this yourself. However, are you sure what components are really needed? Plus, do you have the expertise to do this yourself?  You will not save any money either.  Please leave this to us at Big Star. There are a number of other critical components in a modern garage door that will need to be closely monitored and routinely replaced

Garage Door Rollers
Garage Door Rollers Service Richmond
Garage Door Richmond TX

Rollers garage doors are controlled by springs

Along with rollers garage doors, springs are essential in a modern garage door. There are two main types: extension springs and torsion springs plus the overhead springs.  These all help keep the garage door in balance and hold it up. Where regular maintenance will be critical for those of you owning sliding garage doors is that all springs have a fixed “life”.  You will have to keep in regular contact with Big Star Garage Door Repair. The reason for this is that all metals are subject to “work hardening”.  Every time a metal is forced, its molecular structure changes. In time, a spring will become more brittle and the springy quality will go.  Eventually springs will snap. This could lead to a garage door crashing down or getting stuck. The balance will progressively fail as well.

This can be predicted.  When a garage door rises and falls, this represents one cycle.  If you are a high usage garage door owner or have commercial garages that are constantly used, they can be used eight times or cycles every day. This means that you can expect the garage door springs to start breaking in three years! If the usage is very light or used twice a day, then this will take as long as 14 years. Please note, as well, that six times or “cycles” a day will result in springs failing in five years. If the garage door is used four times or “cycles” a day, springs could start snapping in seven years.

Rollers garage doors maintenance service

We in Richmond TX can provide this maintenance service. This not only applies to springs, but also to cables that have an important role in holding the garage door up. When a garage door is used a lot, it makes a lot more sense to undertake a routine cycle of maintenance and repair work. This is better than waiting for an emergency, which could be dangerous and expensive to repair. Another important system are garage door openers. Along with springs, cables and roller garage doors, there are a number of critical components that will need regular repair and servicing.  A very common problem is the realignment and adjustment of the garage door’s “photo eye”.  This has to be “in line” with the hand- held remote for the garage door to open properly.

The mechanisms that actually open the garage door are the chain drive or belt drive systems.  There are also screw drive and jack shaft opener systems. All the components can wear in time.  Sprockets, gears, chains, pulley belts, etc, are all mechanical systems.  The routine monthly inspection will help. Picking up on more noise or a strained motor could indicate a developing problem. We are more than happy to look into this for you in Big Star. Remember, too, that your garage door could also be another front door to your property.  Its remote and opener electronic systems might need to be updated, and the circuit boards may need to be replaced. Also, do not forget the door panels and the weather seal.

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