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Normally, it is advised to let the professional handle repairs and maintenance. However, we can’t stop you if you are adamant about getting the job done yourself. The best we can do is give you a few tips to ensure you are going down the right path and staying safe during the process. In this blog, we will show you some DIY garage door repair tips to do just this, and ensure your garage door remains in tip-top shape. There are many simple solutions to your garage door problems into which you can gain some more insight below.

Why Your Garage Door Needs A Repair

Garage doors aren’t perfect. They have flaws and issues much like anything else in life. But it is your job to ensure that your garage doors stay in smooth operation. In order to do this, you need to understand some of the signs that appear when your door needs repairing.

Slow Garage Door

If your garage door moves at a snail’s pace, then you need a garage door repair. Garage doors aren’t supposed to be super fast, but if it takes your doors forever and a day to open and close, you need to get to the root of the issue and fix it expeditiously.

Increased Energy Bills

If you noticed that your energy bills have skyrocketed but don’t know why the problem may be your garage door. You will know that your garage door is the culprit when you notice the winter weather seeping into your home, or a heatwave of the summer making your air conditioner obsolete.

Noisy Garage Door

That noise you hear whenever you open or close your garage door isn’t normal. Do not try to convince yourself that it is. This noise either indicates that your door’s nuts and bolts are loose or that it urgently needs some lubrication. You’ll still hear that annoying rattling sound if you don’t address it.

The Door Won’t Open/Close

There aren’t many things as frustrating as attempting to open your garage door only for it to not work. This can happen in the morning when going to work, or when you finally have a break in your busy schedule to hang out with some friends. This will ruin any plans you have and it is all thanks to either your opener or a spring breaking. Thankfully, with the tips below, you can resolve this problem as well as others.

DIY Garage Door Repair Tips

You may not have to grease the elbow if you have a garage door problem. You can solve this with any of the following tips:


To prevent random spikes in your energy costs, insulating your garage door will always be a wise decision. Insulation will make your garage and home more comfortable by keeping cold and warm air inside and harsh weather outside.

Check The Sensors

The sensors are essential for the operation of your doors and your family’s safety. If your doors won’t open or close, the sensors may need to be realigned or they may just be dirty. To ensure everything works well, you should regularly check to see if your photo-eyes are aligned and clean the sensors.

Lubricate Door Parts

Your garage door’s parts require lubrication, as we previously indicated. If not, your door will malfunction and your parts will rust. Make sure the nuts and bolts are secured as well. You will no longer get noise complaints from your neighbors after doing this.

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Call Big Star Garage Door Repair

With the three DIY garage door repair tips above, you will finally be prepared to handle these annoying garage door problems. Even though you may be able to handle a lot of garage door repairs, it’s best to leave the rest to the professionals. There are many dangerous tasks that need a professional to ensure everything is handled smoothly.

In fact, you can rely on Big Star Garage Door Repair to ensure just this happens. We have experts ready to assist, with the knowledge and tools this job requires. So call us to ensure your garage door is in the best hands.

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