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Keeping up with the latest trends has its benefits, especially if you have a fear of missing out. The latest technology has many incredible features that make life more convenient. Checking out the latest fashion trends may lead you to your new favorite outfit.

Even updating your garage door with the latest design trends can improve your home’s appearance. In this blog, we will provide you with some insight into four of the latest garage door design trends. Before you know it, you’ll be reaping the numerous benefits of these design trends, which we’ll also discuss below.

4 Garage Door Design Trends

To get the most out of your garage door, you should follow four of the garage door design trends below.

Minimalistic Designs

Complex designs are no longer in style. Going the minimalist route is a popular choice nowadays because it provides a more sleek appearance. With the clean lines and shapes, you won’t be bogged down by all the designs and can keep things simple yet stylish. A minimalistic design also prioritizes functionality over aesthetics, which provides additional benefits such as natural lighting if glass doors are used.

Faux Wood

Wooden garage doors have been a popular option since the inception of garages. However,  society is slowly shifting towards desiring a more natural finish and lighter wood. Faux wood is just the way to attain this aesthetic, which is why it is one of the latest garage door design trends. This material mimics real wood without the need for constant maintenance and has better durability.

Bold Colors

When trying to stand out from every garage on the block, you don’t want bland colors that don’t pop. You should have bold colors that stand out and turn heads. Using bold colors on your garage door is one of the latest garage door design trends. Get rid of the standard white or beige colors you’re used to. Choose a rich black color or a vibrant red color to instantly transform that dull garage door into a lively one.


Having the ability to customize your garage door, from the windows down to the material, gives homeowners freedom. You can follow this trend and stylize your garage door to reflect your personal tastes. You will be able to show off your uniqueness through your garage door or complement your home thanks to this garage door design trend.

3 Benefits Of The Latest Garage Door Design Trends

Once you’ve made the necessary changes, you’ll notice a significant improvement in not only the appearance of your garage but also its functionality. Here are three examples:

Improved Curb Appeal

An obvious benefit of upgrading your garage door with the latest trends is an improvement in your home’s curb appeal. The modern look of these designs will enhance the appearance of your home’s exterior., especially if you have an outdated garage and home. This will increase your home’s value, making more buyers interested in your home if you’re planning to sell.

Increased Energy Efficiency

Another benefit of modern garage doors is that they are built to protect the environment. The materials used are environmentally friendly and allow insulation. This way, you can control the temperature of your garage while saving money on your energy bill.

Reduced Maintenance

We briefly mentioned it above, but going the traditional route with your garage door may require you to maintain it on a regular basis. Transitioning from wood to faux wood will show how little maintenance is necessary to maintain the appearance of your garage door. This is also true if metals like steel and aluminum are used.

Big Star Garage Door Repair Is Here To Assist

There are many garage door design trends as you can see. Once you’ve made this change, be sure to keep Big Star Garage Door Repair in the loop. We can keep your garage door well maintained and repair any damages it sustains. So give our team a call whenever you need assistance.

Garage Door Design Trends
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