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Automatic garage doors are a wonderful convenience. You no longer have to leave your vehicle or even the comfort of your home when you want to open or close your garage door. Instead, you can click a button on your remote, and it does all of the work for you. But no technology is perfect. Sometimes, you may experience bugs and malfunctions with your appliance, such as the garage door not closing. Problems like this can be frustrating, especially when you have someplace to be and lack the time to diagnose the issue. 

Are you looking for answers behind a garage door not closing? We have you covered. Keep reading to learn more about the potential causes behind this problem! 

Top 5 Reasons For Garage Door Not Closing

Diagnosing the reason for a garage door not closing is not always straightforward. There are multiple factors that be causing the problem. Here are five reasons why your garage door won’t close: 

1. Something Is Wrong With Your Safety Sensors

All modern garage doors are equipped with an automatic reversal system. This ensures that if something (or someone) is in the path of your garage door, it will retract before it can cause a crushing incident. Your garage door can tell if something is in its path through the use of safety sensors, which detect motion and light. 

Sometimes, something is wrong with your safety sensors, resulting in a garage door not closing. There may be a wiring issue, or your sensors need cleaning. Or there may be something in the path of your garage door that you need to remove. Try clearing the area and your garage door and give your sensors a good cleaning before you assume it is anything serious. If there are no simple solutions to fixing safety sensors, then it is time to call in a professional for help. 

2. Your Tracks Are Out Of Alignment 

Tracks help support the weight of your garage door as well as provide paths for it to move up and down. They must be aligned correctly, or your garage door will become stuck in either an open or closed position. If your garage door won’t close, check to see if it looks crooked. Also, check to see if the tracks show any obvious signs of damage or displacement. 

If you notice any problems, it is better to contact a garage door professional for assistance. Garage doors can weigh hundreds of pounds, and if you make a mistake when fixing the tracks, it could cause the appliance to fall down and harm you. To avoid fatal accidents, we suggest never DIYing track alignment issues. 

A garage door not closing that is causing the owner trouble

3. Problem With Remote Or Clicker

If your garage door won’t close, then it could be a problem with the remote or clicker. Perhaps the batteries have died, and they need to be replaced. Or maybe your remote or clicker needs reprogramming. Either way, these are both simple fixes. You can handle the first problem yourself, though you will likely need a professional for the latter issue. 

4. Your Opener Motor Has Burned Out 

Your opener motor helps communicate with your garage door, telling it when to open and close. If the motor burns out, communication to your garage door is cut off. No amount of replacing batteries in your remote or cleaning off your safety sensors will solve the issue of a garage door not closing if the opener is the issue. You’ll need a professional to replace or repair your opener if this part is behind the problem. 

5. The Power Source Has Been Disconnected

Automatic garage doors must be connected to a power source to be able to open and close. If the power source becomes disconnected somehow, it could result in a garage door not closing. You could check if your garage door is unplugged. If that is not the problem, then you may want to check the circuit breaker to see if something has tripped. 

We Can Help When Your Garage Door Won’t Close! 

Perhaps you’ve tried everything you can to figure out why your garage won’t close, but you’ve come up short. If you aren’t able to clear up the mystery on your own, you can contact one of the reliable professionals at Big Star Garage Door Repair. Our experts work efficiently to diagnose problems right away and implement a solution. Contact us today to learn more about our high-quality services! 

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