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Do you wish you could add more space for storage in your garage? Are you tired of your garage being full of stacked storage bins that take up more space than necessary? Do you just want the inside of your garage to be more organized? 

If any of these scenarios describe your garage situation, then one major solution to consider is to build wall mounted garage shelves. Of course, you are probably thinking, “That sounds great, but I don’t know anything about building wall mounted garage shelves.” Luckily, you are going to know exactly how to build wall mounted garage shelves by the end of this blog.


How To Build Wall Mounted Garage Shelves: Supplies

Mastering how to build wall mounted garage shelves requires knowing what supplies are necessary. If you don’t know what supplies to use, then you won’t even be able to install any wall mounted shelves in your garage. For this project, you’ll need plywood, a stud finder, a tape measure, screws, a drill, a level, a screwdriver, shelf standards, brackets, glue, safety glasses, and a workbench. However, these are just the basics as far as supplies are concerned. You can find a full list of supplies you’ll need to build wall mounted garage shelves here


How To Build Wall Mounted Garage Shelves In 5 Steps

After gathering all the supplies you’ll need, you can begin to follow these five steps to build wall mounted garage shelves. Please keep in mind that these steps are focused more on the procedures for installation than determining a pattern or design for your shelves. The appearance of your wall mounted garage shelves is up to you and your discretion.

1. Figure Out Space And Measure

The process of building wall mounted garage shelves can only begin once you know how much space you need for them. To accurately determine the space requirements, have all your vehicles parked in your garage. You can figure out how much space you can use without damaging the cars and also obtain the necessary measurements for the materials.

2. Obtain The Materials

While you learned the basics regarding what supplies you’ll need for this project, you still need to make sure you have the wood materials you need. To make this project easy, use plywood to put together your wall mounted garage shelves. Birch or BC plywood is recommended by experts. If you aren’t keen on plywood, then you can also consider using pine. Ultimately, make sure you know what wood you are using for your shelves.

how to build wall mounted garage shelves

3. Assemble Your Brackets

The brackets are what help keep your shelves mounted on your garage wall. For this part in building wall mounted garage shelves, take time to assemble your brackets so that they are ready to be installed at the moment. This will save you time from assembling the brackets one by one as you install them.

4. Find And Mark Studs

Before you install the brackets, then the shelves, use the stud finder to find the studs in your garage wall. To successfully use the stud finder, you will find the locations for the studs for installing your shelves. Once you find those studs, you will mark them so that you can install your shelves exactly where they need to be.

5. Install Your Shelves

After marking the studs, you can officially begin to install the wall mounted garage shelves. After hanging the brackets, install the plywood shelves as you see fit. There are many variations you can consider for how your shelves should look, so make sure you pick one that is user-friendly and easy to install.


Big Star Garage Door Repair Is Here For You!

Now that you know how to build wall mounted garage shelves, you are well on your way to becoming a DIY expert for garages. However, when it comes to repairs or severe damages to your garage door, you’ll want to rely on a professional garage door technician to take care of those issues. For the best garage door service in Richmond, Texas contact us today at Big Star Garage Door Repair.

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