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When hosting major events, you want to make optimal use of all the available space in your home. Prevent your home from getting too crowded by making your garage a part of that space. However, the main purpose of your garage is not necessarily for hosting parties. That is why you’ll need to ensure it’s in the right shape for such an occasion. For this reason, you will learn how to cover garage walls for party.

When To Cover Garage Walls For Party

There are quite a few examples of instances where expanding your event space into your garage will allow things to go smoothly. For instance, if you are hosting a birthday party, you might want to clear out your garage so that there is more space for guests to socialize. If you’re hosting a birthday party for a child and don’t want to worry about too much mess in the house, then a clear garage space will concentrate some of that mess in one area. 

If you want to host an event at your home outdoors, but are worried about the room in your backyard, then opening your garage and including that in the front yard event space will also make a difference. Does your child want an outdoor celebration for their graduation? Do you want plenty of room to host an outdoor brunch for the whole family? Your garage will be a perfect way to extend your guest space.

Why Cover Garage Walls For Party?

Before diving into how to cover garage walls for party, it’s important to know why this should be done. When hosting a party in a conventional space, what do you want your guests to see on the walls? Are you uncomfortable with having tools and various storage items on display for many people? Are your garage walls in need of a deep cleaning? If you said “yes” to either question, those are just two examples of why you might want to cover garage walls for party.

How To Cover Garage Walls For Party

Now that you know when and why you should cover garage walls for party, it’s time to learn how to cover garage walls for party. You will successfully know how to cover garage walls for party by following these steps:

1. Decide What Cover You Want To Use

The first step in how to cover garage walls for party is to decide what kind of cover you want to use for the garage walls. Wallpaper coverings and drapes, as well as curtains, are just three options from which to choose. If you want your guests to have a photo op, then a photography background could be the perfect cover for your garage walls. Your garage walls will be covered, and your guests will get to partake in a fun activity. The cover you choose should make the most sense for your party’s theme or aesthetic and be something that you know you’ll be able to put on the walls.

how to cover garage walls for party

2. Clean Garage Walls And Floor

Before installing the cover, you’ll need to clean the garage walls and floor. When hosting a party, you always want to ensure that your place is clean for company so that your home is presentable and to avoid dealing with a bigger mess later. Make sure to get to this task no later than the day before your party so that you have enough time to let the walls dry and decorate.

3. Iron Or Steam Your Cover

Depending on what kind of cover you choose, make sure it looks nice and smooth for your guests. Your cover won’t do much for beautifying your garage if it’s wrinkled. Take time to iron or steam it so that it looks smooth and fresh when put on display. There is just one more step in how to cover garage walls for party.

4. Determine How To Hang Up Your Cover

Everyone’s garage walls are different. Before hanging up the cover of your choice, figure out how you will put it on the wall.  Find a method that will effectively keep your cover on your garage walls without leaving any lasting damage to the cover or garage walls. These methods might include strings, hooks, and tape, among other things.

Keep Your Garage Door In Shape With Big Star Garage Door Repair!

Now that you know about covering garage walls for party, you’ll be able to put together an inviting space for your guests in another part of your home. Of course, garages can face many problems that can’t be solved by covering them up. In those cases, you’ll need professional help to get your garage back in shape, so contact us for Big Star Garage Door Repair’s five-star quality garage service.

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