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Everyone needs sunlight. The sun gives us that extra boost of energy we need in the morning to seize the day. The sun uplifts us and provides us with many health benefits most people aren’t even aware of. That is why we should take advantage of the energy the sun constantly supplies us. However, your garage door may not feel the same way.

Certain objects like garage doors typically experience the adverse effects of the sun. Because of the sun, garage doors tend to become stuck and their paint fades away into nothingness after prolonged exposure. If you want to take action and ensure your doors remain in the best condition, learn how to prevent sun fade on garage doors in this blog.

How To Prevent Sun Fade On Garage Doors

How to Prevent Sun Fade On Garage Doors

The sun’s ultraviolet radiation will wear down your garage door as time passes. Thankfully, we have the solution for you. Check out the following methods to ensure your doors avoid losing their beauty.

Use UV-Resistant Coating

There are many benefits to owning beautiful-looking garage doors, including improving the curb appeal of your home. But when your garage door’s paint gradually fades away, you lose out on this perk and much more This outcome is bound to happen without UV-resistant coating.

The sun is constantly affecting your doors thanks to its ultraviolet rays, causing your doors to peel and crack. However, you can take initiative with UV-resistant coating. By coating your garage doors with this substance, your doors will be protected from the sun and last much longer. Your doors will reflect the UV rays, keeping your colors well-protected.

Use Reflective Paint

Using reflective paint is another way to reflect the UV rays from your garage door. If your garage door is made of wood or metal, this is a fantastic solution. When choosing a color, go for something light because it will be more effective when reflecting the UV rays. Additionally, make sure your door is dry and clean before painting it.

Use Protective Film On Windows

Do you have any garage door windows? If so, they will require sun protection. The sun will wear down your window frames, causing the caulking on your windows to crack. A protective film is an ideal solution to guarantee that your windows remain in good condition. Additionally, this coating will absorb UV rays and lessen the damage sustained from the sun.

Other Ways to Fight Through The Heat

The heat can be pretty destructive, and not only on your garage doors. Here are some other ways to fight through the heat to ensure your entire garage is in tip-top shape.


You no longer need to endure the oppressive heat when the summertime rolls around with insulation. This solution will make you want to be in your garage, turning it into whatever you want. Insulation makes it easy to create any room you desire, including a game room or a home office.


If you’re experiencing trouble with your garage door sensors, it could be due to the sun. Direct sunlight will deceive your sensors and cause them to think something is blocking its path. That is why you need to cover your sensors so that your door will close properly. Simply block the light from your sensors and your problems will be gone.

How To Prevent Sun Fade On Garage Doors

Install Your New Doors With Big Star Garage Door Repair

If you follow the suggestions above you won’t have to worry about your garage door’s paint fading away any time soon. You can also prevent sun fade on garage doors by installing a high-quality garage door with a UV-resistant coating. Get in touch with us to help with the installation process. We also have other services to ensure your doors are well-maintained. So don’t hesitate to give us a call whenever you need assistance.

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