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Rainy days come and go. They can bring a sense of coziness, helping you unwind through the night. However, they can also bring unexpected troubles, wreaking havoc on your plans and possessions. One such instance is when rain seeps into your garage, causing unwanted mess and frustration. It can be challenging to face this circumstance with a positive attitude.

However, if you’re tired of the random puddles and damp surprises invading your comfort, we have solutions for you. Check out this blog so you can learn how to stop rain from coming in under your garage door. After discovering these innovative tips, you will be more than ready to keep the rain at bay.

How to Stop Rain from Coming in Under Garage Door

When water seeps into your garage, it can result in a variety of issues. This can be particularly frustrating, as it can lead to damaged belongings, mold growth, structural issues, higher energy bills, unpleasant odors, and even potential pest infestations. Luckily, we have practical solutions for you. Learn how to stop rain from coming in under garage door below:

Threshold Seal Barrier

One of the most straightforward ways to stop rain from infiltrating your garage is with a threshold seal barrier. This rubber strip is like a sturdy welcome mat for your garage that attaches to the bottom of your garage door, creating a tight seal. You will find this seal barrier to be effective not only against rain but also when keeping out pests, leaves, and debris.

Weatherproof Stripping

An essential aspect of any garage door that people seem to overlook is its weatherproof stripping. This material can deteriorate over time, leading to unwelcome leaks and drafts, which is why you should consider an upgrade. Once upgraded, you will have a more durable, water-resistant seal. Just be sure you opt for quality rubber or vinyl stripping that can withstand the elements. By installing new weather stripping, you will also enhance your garage’s energy efficiency.

Rain Diverters

Another solution that can finally tackle the issue is installing rain diverters on both sides of your garage door. These are simple yet effective devices that direct rainwater away from the garage opening, preventing any seepage. You can easily find rain diverters at your local hardware store to combat water intrusion.

Create a Sloped Driveway

The next solution to your problems won’t be resolved with a simple visit to a hardware store. To ensure your garage doesn’t face rainwater intrusion anymore, you should create a sloped driveway. This option comes in handy when dealing with persistent water infiltration.

You can do this by regrading the area around your garage entrance. Essentially, this process involves modifying the landscape by adding or removing soil from your driveway. You can leave this task to a professional for the best results. With a sloped driveway, water will flow toward the curb rather than seep into your garage.

How to Stop Rain from Coming in Under Garage Door

Call Big Star Garage Door Repair For Assistance

You don’t have to put up with this frustrating issue anymore. With the tips listed above, you will know how to stop rain from coming under garage door. Whether you prefer handling this problem with a threshold seal, weatherproof stripping, rain diverters, or even adjusting your driveway’s slope, you have a range of effective solutions at your disposal.

Embrace a well-protected space with any of these solutions, and ensure your garage door remains in tip-top shape with Big Star Garage Door Repair. Our team is more than prepared to assist you in implementing these solutions and safeguarding your garage from the elements. Give us a call to see how we can help you keep your garage dry and protected.

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