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LED garage door lights can be used for both practical and decorative purposes. Having the right lights for the inside of your garage door can make it easier to navigate when it’s dark outside. Exterior garage lights can also boost curb appeal and give the impression that someone is home in order to ward off potential intruders. While LED lights are a popular option for garage door lights, it’s important to be mindful of their benefits and drawbacks. Read this blog to learn about the pros and cons of these garage door lights.

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Pros Of LED Garage Door Lights

To understand how LED lights can be used for a variety of purposes, let’s take a look at the benefits they bring to your garage door.

1. Energy Efficiency

The most notable quality of LED lights is their energy efficiency, which also rings true when lighting a garage door. LED lights are considered energy-efficient because, while bright, they emit little heat and produce light in a controlled direction. Whether you plan to use them as overhead lights or decorative lights, you’ll easily boost your garage door’s energy efficiency with this addition. 

2. Decorative Capabilities

LED lights can be quite versatile when it comes to uses for your garage door. If you’re someone who likes to go all out on decorations during the holidays, there are plenty of LED options available to adorn your garage door. You can also boost your home’s curb appeal in the long run by adding light fixtures to the walls surrounding the exterior of your garage door.

3. Longevity And Durability

These garage door lights also bring increased longevity and durability. Dimmable LED lights are specifically noteworthy for outlasting traditional light fixtures. According to the Department of Energy, these lights can last up to twenty-five times longer than incandescent lights. LED is the way to go if you want garage door lights that’ll last.

4. Instant Operation

Have you ever wandered into an empty garage and had that uneasy feeling that you were walking into a horror movie as the lights slowly brightened? You can say goodbye to that experience with LED lights. When switched on, these lights are fully bright since they don’t require the same warm-up time as their traditional counterparts.

Cons Of LED Garage Door Lights

For all the amazing perks of these garage door lights, you should also weigh the cons of installing them inside or outside your garage door.

1. Garage Door Opener Interference

A major concern about having LED lights for your garage door is their potential to interfere with your garage door opener’s technology. Your garage door opener relies on radio frequency signals to work properly. The drivers inside the bulbs produce fields that can actually obstruct the transmission of those radio signals sent to and from your garage door opener. For this reason, you need to be careful about how, where, and what kind of LED bulbs you install for your garage door. One of the best ways to avoid this problem is to purchase brand-name LED lights, but that comes with its own downside.

2. High Quality, High Initial Cost

While brand-name LED bulbs are far less likely to disrupt the functionality of your garage door opener, they are also more expensive than standard LED lights. You might need to start saving money for LED garage lights or check the state of your budget before determining which brand is best for your needs. There’s also one more possible drawback to consider before making any purchases.

3. Overall Compatibility

There’s nothing more frustrating than getting a cool new device or tool and excitedly waiting for it, only to learn that it isn’t compatible with the part of your home for which you were planning to use it. That’s why checking the extent to which an LED brand is compatible with your garage door technology is paramount. Consider all these cons when thinking about installing LED lights for your garage door.

Big Star Garage Door Repair Can Keep Your Lights Shining!

LED garage door lights bring quite a few benefits and drawbacks that can either increase security or deteriorate your garage door’s functionality. Whether or not you choose to get these lights is up to what you plan to prioritize for your garage door lights. If you happen to live in Richmond, Texas, contact us at Big Star Garage Door Repair to keep your garage lights shining. 

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