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There is danger all around us. Everyday activities like driving and cooking are can be deadly. However, to keep you and your family safe, you must learn how to prevent any issues during these dangerous activities, whether it’s by learning the rules of the road or with cooking tips.

Suffering an injury caused by a garage door is one of the most common injuries, resulting in 20,000 to 30,000 injuries every year. However, this can be prevented, as long as you take action. Whether the garage door collapses, a finger gets caught in between the panels, or whatever else, you will be ready for it by taking action instead of waiting for an accident to occur. Preventing garage door injury will be simple after giving this blog a read. Continue reading to get the answers you need to keep you and your family safe.

What Causes Garage Door Injuries

Injuries are never a good thing. They can affect your everyday lifestyle and have a damaging effect on your pockets. Sources of garage door injuries consist of the following:

Garage Door Collapse

The first common garage door injury we would like to focus on is when it collapses. As you can guess, when the largest appliance in your house collapses, the owner will be burdened with bills. This can be medical bills or bills for repairing the destroyed car or object. A garage door collapse can be caused by a myriad of things, including misaligned tracks or rusted door components.

Fingers Caught

Humans can be forgetful at times. Even when we are clearly instructed not to do something, we can completely forget about it until we experience its repercussions. This can happen even when you know to never put your fingers near a garage door when it is in motion.

As you hold your fingers in agony, you quickly come to the conclusion that you probably shouldn’t have done that. Getting your fingers caught in the garage door panel is actually a pretty common injury that people experience from time to time.

DIY Project

Self-sufficient people would rather handle things on their own than ask for help. This might happen if you’re feeling under the weather and insist on cooking dinner for yourself or if you have a new garage door and want to install it yourself. Being independent has its advantages, but if you are not qualified for a particular task, it will only be counterproductive.

For this reason, you shouldn’t make installing or repairing your garage door a DIY project. This endeavor will cause problems in your door’s operation, leading to misaligned tracks, loose nuts and bolts, and issues of that nature. Your garage door may not work or, if it does, it will only be temporary until an accident occurs, harming you or a loved one.

Preventing Garage Door Injury

Thankfully, these issues can be prevented. Preventing garage door injury is quite easy. Simply follow the instructions here:

Install Pinch-Proof Panel

To keep your fingers intact, it’s best to install pinch-proof panels for your garage door. The panels of normal garage doors have a space that fingers and other things can easily get caught in. However, a pinch-proof panel, just as the name suggests, leaves no room for anything to get caught in your doors.


Maintenance is essential for anything, whether it is a 92’ Chevelle or a garage door. Without this service, your doors will collapse, which no homeowner ever wants. Maintenance will ensure your door parts are in shape and that your doors can last.

Relying On A Professional

When you are confronted with the option to do something yourself or to rely on a professional, it’s best to leave the task in the capable hands of an expert. This will spare you from having to work hard to repair your garage door, only to need a technician to undo this new problem and fix the original issue.

Preventing Garage Door Injury

Call Big Star Garage Door Repair

Preventing garage door injury has never been easier and it all starts with relying on a professional. Whether you require garage door installation, maintenance, or repairs, Big Star Garage Door Repair provides the services and professionals to make sure everything goes off without a hitch. Give our team a call to get the assistance you deserve, and soon enough you will reap the vast benefits of our services.

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