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Exterior garage door lights bring a lot of assets to the table. From enhanced security and protection to increased curb appeal, you can’t go wrong when you install this feature. Some garage door lights come with additional features that repel insects or automatically switch on and off when motion is detected. There are many different uses for garage door lights. However, when it comes to using these items to enhance curb appeal, you need to know about garage door lighting fixtures themselves. Keep reading to learn how choosing the right garage door lighting fixtures will boost your home’s curb appeal and four of the most notable styles on the market. 

The Best Garage Door Lighting Fixtures To Enhance Curb Appeal

Before exploring the options available for garage door lighting fixtures, it’s important to understand how exactly they can boost curb appeal. As you’re about to find out, garage door lighting fixtures are available in quite a few forms, and they are quite versatile when it comes to matching the style of a home’s exterior. Continue reading this blog to learn how each of the following four lighting fixtures can be used for different styles:

1. Lantern

Lanterns are one of the most popular choices among these lighting fixtures. This fixture can resemble a simple handheld lamp, and there are even some manufactured to replicate the appearance of a Victorian-era gaslit lamp. They are probably the most versatile choice among garage door lighting fixtures since they can complement many home exterior styles, from rustic to industrial. 

They also work if your garage doors have a nautical or cottage-inspired design, making them a great match with carriage-house-style garage doors. If you have a single garage door, you just need to put one lantern on each side. For a house with more than one garage door, you can install these lights at the sides of the furthest garage doors or install one between each door.

garage door light fixtures lanterns

2. Bulkhead Lights

Bulkhead lights are the ideal choice to complement a coastal or industrial-style garage door design. These fixtures consist of bulbs in metal caging. The name comes from the fact that these were the kinds of lights installed on the bulkheads of ships, allowing sailors to easily navigate at night. This lighting fixture is also referred to as a marine light because of its nautical origins. These garage door lighting fixtures have been found on both residential and commercial properties, which really speaks to their versatility. 

3. Barn Lights

For a strictly rustic or traditional garage door style, barn lights are an excellent match. With these lights, you can add more character to your traditional-style home while reaping the security benefits of having them installed by your garage door.

garage door light fixtures barn lights

4. Wall Sconces

Finally, wall sconces are the best garage door lighting fixtures for a sleek, modern home. These lights will really enhance the simple, polished vibe you’re trying to create for your home’s curb appeal. If you really want to give your contemporary home a chance to shine, consider illuminating your garage door with these lights.

Illuminate Your Garage Door With Big Star Garage Door Repair!

These four options for garage door lighting fixtures will surely bring a much-needed boost to your home’s property value and curb appeal. Whatever the style of your garage door may be, you can easily find the best fit among the above selections. Whether you’re looking to enhance your curb appeal with garage door modifications or need a simple repair, you can find the best garage door service in Richmond with your team at Big Star Garage Door Repair. Contact us today, and we will ensure you have a star-quality garage door.

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