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Is the LED bulb in your garage door opener flashing repeatedly? Do the safety sensors at the bottom of your garage door seem to blink? Are you driving yourself crazy with the question, “Why is my garage door light blinking?” You have come to the right place if you said “yes” to any of these inquiries. A garage door light can refer to either your opener or your safety sensors, and this blog will provide possible explanations as to why either one of these parts is blinking. Keep reading to finally learn why exactly your garage door light is blinking.

Why Is My Garage Door Light Blinking? 4 Possible Causes

Whether it’s your opener or your safety sensors, there is a wide range of answers to the question, “Why is my garage door light blinking?” Luckily, with the help of this blog, you will hopefully be able to narrow down the possibilities.

1. Potential Wiring Issues

The first possible reason why you’ve been wondering, “Why is my garage door light blinking?” could be potential wiring issues. You might notice either your opener or safety sensor lights blinking due to possible damage to the wires connecting the opener to the sensors. The wires might need to be tightened if they’re loose or replaced if damaged or broken. However, you’ll only be able to check for yourself if the wires are exposed and not concealed. If they are concealed, have a garage door technician take a look.

2. Safety Sensor Interference

If the blinking comes from your safety sensors, it’s probably due to something obstructing their path or excessive dirt covering the photo eyes. All you need to do is ensure the photo eyes are clean and that nothing interferes with the safety sensors’ line of sight. If neither of these troubleshooting steps works, the issue might be related to wiring or something else entirely.

garage door light blinking safety sensor interference

3. Misaligned Safety Sensors

Another guilty party to why your garage door light is blinking might be misaligned garage door sensors. Take some time to check how your garage door sensors are aligned and if the photo eyes create a line. If not, adjust the safety sensors so the photo eyes are perfectly aligned once more. When the photo eyes are green, the problem will be solved. However, if the wiring and safety sensors aren’t the issue, there is one more possible answer to the question: “Why is my garage door light blinking?”

4. The Opener Lock Button Is Activated

The fourth potential reason that your garage door light is blinking could be your opener lock button. If the lights in your garage door opener are blinking, check the opener’s settings. There’s a chance that the lock button on your opener is switched on for security reasons. Because every garage door opener is different, check your garage door opener’s user manual to locate and turn it off. Turning off the lock function allows your garage door to be opened with a remote from a distance. Hopefully, your garage door opener light will stop blinking after this. 

Stop That Blinking Garage Door Light With Big Star Garage Door Repair!

We hope these four potential answers to your question, “Why is my garage door light blinking?” make a difference in resolving your current garage door predicament. However, there’s a chance that your garage door lights are blinking for a completely different reason. If that is the case, contact us at Big Star Garage Door Repair as soon as possible. Whatever is causing the blinking, our technicians will help return your garage lights to their normal state in no time.

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